shinowa シノワ


Vo&G, Key / Kaori Yamauchi (山内かおり)
G, Programming / Hajime Hirata (平田 徳)
B, Dr, Programming / Gen-yu Nou (野有玄佑)


B&Cho / Merano Saito (メラノ斉藤 / White Moles, ムチムチプリン)
Key&Cho / Mimi Aoki (青木ミミ / White Moles、ムチムチプリン)
G&Percussion / Sho Nishimuta (西牟田翔 / ウツツキ, ex POZO)
60's Psychedelic, Garage Rockと80〜90's Indie Popをルーツとする 浮遊感あふれる女性Voに、ファズギターが絡むドリーミーなポップサウンド。
数種の自主制作音源や、オムニバスCDに参加後、 2001年に"Bloom 光の世界"を GYUUNE CASSETTE 傘下の Childish Soup よりリリース。

2011年には MGMT のオファーを受け来日公演のOAをつとめる。
その後、シンセプログラマーでいわゆる渋谷系と呼ばれたクルーエルレコード、エスカレーターレコードをサポートした Hammer Label 森 達彦氏のもとで音源製作を始め、さらにサウンドの幅を広げる。

2017年に新境地となる7インチシングル "Snow, Moon, Flowers" を LEIM Records よりリリース。英Vinyl Factory にレビューが載るなど、国内外より高評価を得る。また同曲は米BURGER RECORDSのコンピレーションにも収録された
2018年2月5日に待望のNew Album"Flowerdelic"を発売。各方面より高い評価を得る。


60's psychedelic meets 80's~90's indie pop.
This fusion band features airy female vocals with fuzz guitar riffs.
Starting in 1996, the band shinowa has released several pieces and joining Omnibus Albums, their first album "Bloom - Hikari no Sekai -(- a world of light -)" from Gyuune Cassette in 2001.
The band has uploaded some of their signature songs on YouTube.
Having seen their performance, MGMT offered the band to open for them in their 2011 Japan Tour.
7 inch "Snow, Moon, Flowers" released in June, 2018. This record was introduced by British music review site "Vinyl Factory".
"Snow, Moon, Flowers" is also included in "BURGER WORLD JAPAN" released by BURGER RECORDS.

About “Flowerdelic”

It feels like Dream pop, Shoegazer, Soft Rock, 60's pop, Bubblegum pop, Kama Sutra / Buddah Records, Paisley Underground, Creation Records, Cherry Red Records.
This Album includes "Sit with the Guru(by Strawberry Alarm Clock)" cover.
shinowa respects Strawberry Alarm Clock and was influenced by them.
The producer is Tatsuhiko Mori(Hammer Label).
Tatsuhiko is a famous manipulator and engineer in Japan.
Tatsuhiko is also known for his work with the band GANGWAY in Denmark.
Also, It was complimented by Mr. Mark Stephen Weitz


Comments from Mark Stephen Weitz
(Original member and keyboard player of The Strawberry Alarm Clock)

shinowa’s new melodic energy-filled album release “Flowerdelic” shows just how really far shinowa has come musically since I first discovered their cover version of our record “Sit with a Guru” on You Tube back in 1999!
Along with listening to 9 NEW exciting tracks of their new tunes ( I already picked out my favs!), they again decided to re-recorded a 2018 version of "Sit with a guru" which by the way, blows me away! Thank you for breathing new life into this tune! You did a spectacular job! I wish you all the best of luck being successful on your journey with the new album "Flowerdelic"! Buy it! You won't be dissapointed.
                                                                      Mark Stephen Weitz



" Trash-Up " Vol.9 に、8Pにわたるインタビューが掲載。特典DVDに2曲収録


Hirata、NouがNobori Eri のアルバム "Happy Ending Story" に参加